Capability Solution Design


Your Business Goals, our Strategic Expertise on Capability Design

Whether it’s setting up the foundation or fine-tuning your strategy, our team of experts is here to ensure your success every step of the way.

Audience Discovery & Profiling

We begin by focusing on your audience. We recognize that each group has distinct traits that shape your approach to capability building. Our Audience Discovery process involves identifying critical skill gaps, learning preferences, attitudes, and pinpointing areas where content may be lacking.

Capability Architecture

Using our proprietary frameworks we design a full-stack capability approach to detail content needs, process needs and technology needs. We ensure it aligns with your time, resource and budget constraints so it is fit-for-purpose.

Analytics Design

Data is the lifeblood of modern decision-making. A well-designed analytics approach is essential for intelligence on what’s working and what’s not. Our solutioning approach lays out the detailed analytics you need, to get insights that truly help.

Impact Assessments

Get data correlation between performance and capability, measuring improvements in numbers over a defined time period and continuously reviewing and adapting approaches to maximize the impact on organizational performance and capability

Adoption Initiatives

Create adoption drives to drive up adoption for your content by adding pull-based mechanisms such as contests or challenges and run marketing communication for initiatives & programs to drive your audience

System Integrations & APIs

Boost productivity and effectiveness with our system integrations and APIs. Connect performance systems for holistic tracking, seamlessly manage customer data through integrations, and optimize team performance with our gamified LMS software