Structured Course-Based Learning for Your Core Learning Needs

Drive pull-based structured courses using QuoDeck Courseware, powered with Personalized Learning Paths, Gamified Story Wrappers, and Completion Rewards

Gamified Stories and Journeys

Seamlessly integrate your existing content with our 100+ in-platform gamified journeys that transform boring courses into riveting narratives, and quizzes into enjoyable games.

Quick Authoring for Interactive Content

Create interactive and device-responsive content using​ our easy-to-use Editor. With over 50 templates of interactive content to choose from, authoring is easier and faster than making a presentation.

In-Built Completion Rewards & Nudging

Courseware’s In-Built Completion Rewards feature motivates learners with badges, certificates, and recognition, fostering a sense of achievement and encouraging continued engagement in their learning journey.

Deploy as a Mobile Learning App

Courseware can be hosted as your own branded, white-labeled mobile learning app. Compatible with Android and iOS, with easy and intuitive interfaces, bringing learning to your audience’s fingertips

Use our Ready Libraries

Get to market faster with our diverse ready content libraries that give you a leg up on launching mobile learning for your audience.

Automate with Auto-Enrolment

Leverage our powerful automation features by setting up auto-enrolment rules based on user attributes. Then leave the heavy lifting to the platform while you sit back and watch.