Data & Analytics


Data makes the world go round. Enhanced data tracking and capability.

In a fast-paced digital landscape, data is the only compass guiding strategic decisions. Enhanced tracking and analytics empower businesses to gain insights into audience behavior, content effectiveness, and overall performance.

Eventstream data tracking for deep insights

Real-time granular insights into user interactions. Uncover the heartbeat of your learning initiatives with Eventstream data tracking. Use deep insights to make informed decisions.

Manager and trainer analytics for greater visibility

Provide visibility, drive ownership. Empower managers and trainers with a clear view of their span of control, enabling them to monitor and support their teams effectively.

Cohort Analytics for regions or business lines

Elevate your analytics game. Use Cohort Analytics to zoom in on specific regions or business lines, for insights into consumption and performance patterns.

App-Level Reports & Data

Track App Performance in Real Time. See how your app is performing at a glance. Get a clear picture of user engagement and overall impact.

Automated Triggering of Reports

Streamline your reporting process. Through automated triggers reports are generated and delivered promptly, saving you time and effort.

APIs for integrations

Link up our platform with your internal systems using our handy APIs for integrations. It’s like giving your systems a secret handshake to share info effortlessly.