Knowledge Repositories


Quick, bite-sized knowledge on-the-fly in the palms of your audience

Search and learn. Learn fast. In today’s speedy work world, bite-sized knowledge repositories are game-changers for almost all audiences. It keeps audiences sharp, adaptable, and always ahead of the curve.

50+ content nugget formats

Spice up your knowledge repository. From profilers and recommenders to checklist aids and product cards, there’s a diverse range of options to keep information fresh and captivating.

Tags and carousels for discovery

Intuitive Tags. User-Friendly Carousels. Make your content discoverable to your users. Tags provide quick and targeted search results, while carousels offer a visually engaging way to browse through content.

Fuzzy Searching

Don’t depend on your users’ typing skills, especially on the mobile. With Fuzzy Searching, return relevant search results from your repository even if they mistype or misspell words.

Powerful HTML Editing

Unleash your creativity with our robust HTML editing feature. It’s like having a design studio at your fingertips, allowing you to craft visually stunning materials for your repo.

Feedback and sharing

Gather feedback through ratings & polls. Ease your sales process by allowing easy sharing of sales collaterals with customers and prospects from the repo.

ML Recommendation Engine

Go beyond generic suggestions. Imagine having a personal coach, ensuring every learning experience is perfectly aligned with your goals, based on your preferences and performance.