Learning Journeys


Define personalized learning journeys based on user profiles

Modern users demand tailored experiences suited to their unique needs. Customizing content and interfaces to personal preferences ensures it stays relevant and meaningful in a world filled with information.

Change interfaces based on stage & profile

Our dynamic interface changes as per each user’s tier or stage, seamlessly updating as they progress. Give your users the right experience at every step of their learning journey.

Different learning paths for different profiles

Define learning journeys based on user profile attributes to automatically release content, challenges or contests to them basis a pre-decided calendar.

Automated nudges and reminders to drive completion

Enable our auto-notification features to have the platform remind and nudge your users to completion of their learning journey.

Automate journey assignment

You only need to define a learning journey once. Our mighty auto-enrolment feature takes care of the rest. Powerful, yet simple.

Configure tiers and stages

Configure stages that your audience can go through from early to advanced, or onboarding to continuous learning, and our dynamic front-end engine fuels the rest.

AI-Driven Intelligence

Our intelligent system optimizes learning journeys, providing personalized content and resources for each user, as it learns more about the audience.

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