• Design your App
  • Add your Content
  • Manage your Team
  • View Analytics
Step 1: Setup your app design

Learning doubles up as a key internal and external marketing option for your business. QuoDeck allows you to customize your app to fit your guidelines...

  • Name your training platform to make it your own
  • Design the colors and upload your company logo as per your branding
  • Design your learning path as a journey with 10+ story environments to pick from
Step 2: Add your content

Quodeck helps you create interesting content with games and gamification hooks you can use..

  • Upload your existing PDFs and videos or author mobile responsive content directly on the inbuilt authoring tool
  • Add rich media like animations, videos, quizzes, surveys, etc. and pick from our library of 50+ games to upgrade your quizzes to hyper-casual mini-games
  • Harness the competitive spirit with points, badges and leaderboards and motivate with rewards and certificates
Step 3: Manage your team

Driving training activities in your team is hard and painstaking. QuoDeck helps you manage your active team easily and automates reminders to drive adoption...

  • Add members or upload team lists to get started. We will invite them and help onboard them into your app
  • Feel free to replace team members as required to optimize your use of the usage limits
  • Nudge your team individually or let our automated reminder system take care of driving your app adoption
Step 4: Measure progress and traction

Most systems only provide limited data on the effectiveness of your learning campaigns. QuoDeck offers marketing-style MIS to allow you to better analyze your learning outcomes...

  • View dashboards and reports on learner progress, interaction, comprehension and adoption
  • Question-wise analysis of your team's responses to give you a better idea of learning gaps
  • Team-level drill-down analytics to help provide you higher control over your team's learning journeys

This is what your app can look like

Because pictures speak a thousand words…

Experience the next generation of team training

We are committed to building the most exciting and easy-to-use systems for last mile performance improvement. Give QuoDeck a spin or drop us a line and let us show you what all we can do...

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