Content Authoring Tool


Quick and easy authoring powered by our in-platform Authoring Tool, Editor

Content is at the core of any learning or engagement strategy. Use our authoring tool, Editor, to create content quickly and easily within the platform and get your audience learning fast.

Easy templated authoring

Choose from 50+ interactive content templates with profilers, recommenders, stories, reels, memes and many more.

Drive binge consumption

Use listicle and playlist formats to string multiple pieces of content together and get your users to binge your content one after the other.

Editable, Anytime, Anywhere

Edit your content anytime, anywhere. Keep it current without having to spend time, effort and cost to recreate it.

Templated for Interactivity

The powerful QuoDeck Editor makes authoring as easy as selecting a template and filling a form. Editor does the heavy lifting.

Multi-Language Authoring

Language barriers are a thing of the past. Use integrated APIs with Editor to translate your content to any language you want after it’s created.

Instructional Design Assistant

Editor comes with a Instructional Design Assistant that helps to up the ID quotient of your content. You create, it enhances.