Games & Gamification


Amp-Up Adoption with Games and Gamification of Learning

Modern audiences, especially on the mobile, don’t respond to traditional learning. Games & gamification taps into their tech-savvy nature and desire for interactive experiences.

Create compelling day-in-the-life journeys

Use our visual journeys to recreate a day in the life of your audience, whether it’s a frontline salesperson in the field, a shopper in a retail store or a customer at a bank.

Make learning a daily habit

Transform occasional interactions into daily rituals. Use our unique daily learning section with a Learn-Play-Win-Earn approach to cultivate daily learning habits for your audience.

Drive short-term knowledge ramp-ups

Launch a Contest or Challenge to boost knowledge before key business quarters or new launches. Get users up-to-speed quickly and help them excel in their roles.

Use ready gamified wrappers & worlds

Use our 100+ pre-made game-like interfaces and environments to turn boring learning into new-age digital experiences.

Configure gamification elements

Customize and set up various game elements, such as points, badges, leaderboards, rewards, and challenges to drive competition.

Integrate with reward platforms

Connect with existing or third-party reward platforms that offer rewards, such as gift cards, discounts, or virtual goods, to provide incentives and motivate users.